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Meet Angela

Travel Social Work Coach

Hi! I'm Angela, your go-to Travel Social Work Coach and Author of SO YOU WANT TO BE A TRAVEL SOCIAL WORKER? SAYLESS!

I am a Travel Social Worker and Therapist who uses my experience, insight, and down-to-earth nature to offer unique and collaborative approaches to assist clients in reaching their full potential. I have worked as a Travel Medical Social Worker for over five years in various healthcare settings throughout the United States, including Northern and Southern California, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Florida, and Texas. I enjoy assisting social workers with getting into the field of Travel Social Work.


How It Started

In 2015, I was exhausted from being overworked and underpaid. I was tired!!!  I thought to myself; there have to be more social work opportunities available with better pay and less stress. I searched the internet diligently until I came across Travel Social Work. I was so intrigued with the idea of travel social work because I always wanted to travel but did not think social work would afford me such an opportunity. I contacted a recruiter who provided information on what was needed to start my application process. The recruiter informed me that at least a year of master's level medical social work experience is required to become marketable for travel social work assignments. Say less! I developed a plan to obtain the necessary expertise. In April 2016, I informed the recruiter that I was ready to apply for assignments. I provided the requested documents for the application process.  The recruiter submitted me for a 13-week assignment in San Francisco, California; the phone interview went well, and I was offered the position with a start date within two weeks.  I verbally accepted the Assignment. Once I received the contract, I reviewed and signed it. I then put in my two-week resignation letter to my employer.  I remember my friends and family being so surprised that I quit my job to pursue a temporary job assignment across the country. I was nervous and excited as I did not know what the future held, but I knew my home would always be there.

At the time, I was not aware of anyone working as a travel social worker. So, I searched social media to obtain personal experiences and advice but to no avail.  I finally found one person on LinkedIn who offered limited information. Then, I researched some travel nursing sites for guidance. In the beginning, there was a lot of trial and error as I had no one to offer advice regarding travel social work.

Once I started traveling and putting #travelsocialworker on Instagram, I received messages from social workers wanting advice regarding travel social work, which inspired me to author a guidebook and provide coaching services.

I hope that my experience and tips will be highly beneficial as you embark upon this incredible journey.

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